Charge and Handling Information


1. 標準倉儲費

(a)        文件箱 – (L) 42cm x (W) 34cm x (H) 27cm,每個文件箱的總重量不得超過 15 公斤。

倉儲費 – HK$24/箱/月,最少 2 箱,包括將空箱運送到登記地址。


(b)       標準箱 – (L) 60cm x (W) 31.5cm x (H) 40cm,每個標準箱的總重量不得超過 23 公斤。

倉儲費 – HK$49/箱/月,最少 2 箱,包括將空箱運送至登記地址。

(c)        行李箱 – (D) 11 英寸 x (W) 19 英寸 x (H) 30 英寸,每個行李箱的總重量不得超過 23 公斤。

倉儲費 – HK$70/箱/月,最少 2 個行李箱。

(d)        服裝箱 – (L) 50cm x (W) 50cm x (H) 105cm,每個服裝箱總重量不得超過 12 公斤。

倉儲費 – HK$80/箱/月,最少 2 箱,包括將空箱運送到登記地址。

服裝箱每個 HK$45@

(e)        高爾夫球袋 – (D) 25cm x (H) 155CM,每個高爾夫球袋的總重量不得超過 15 公斤。

倉儲費 – HK$75/袋/月。

(f)         大型物件 – (L) + (W) + (H) 不超過 180 厘米且最長邊在 120 厘米以內,每件大型物件的總重量不得超過 23公斤。

倉儲費 – HK$90/件/月。

2. 收費由物件收取存倉日開始或在收到空箱後兩週開始計算,以較早的日期為準。

3. 送貨費用

(a)        空箱運送到登記地址——免費。

(b)        基本運費:

(i) 標準物件包括文件箱、標準箱、行李箱、服裝箱、高爾夫球袋 – 每次港幣 90 元,包括兩個標準物件。 任何額外物件單程收費為每件港幣 25 元。

(ii) 大型物件 – 單程港幣 90 元,包括一件大型物件。 任何額外物件單程收費為每件港幣 45 元。

(c)        預定送貨費用*:

(i)   Standard item including Document Box, Standard Box, Travel Case, Garment on Hanger, Golf Bag – HK$60 per single trip including two standard items.

Any additional item will be charged at HK$15 per item in one single trip.

(ii) Irregular Size Item – HK$60 per single trip including one item. Any additional item will be charged at HK$30 per item in one single trip.

*Please refer to the District Delivery Schedule on our website *請參閱我們網站上的地區交付時間表

4. A remote area fee:

(a)        HK$80 – area A: Ma Wan

(b)        HK$120 – area B: Clear Water Bay; Sai Kung

(c)        HK$200 – area C: Sha Tau Kok

(d)        HK$300 – area D: Any outlaying islands; Discovery Bay; Shek O; Mui Wo; Tai O; Cheung Chau; Peng Chau; Lama Island

5. Service hours of our Customer Service Team and Logistic Team

Customer Service Team Logistic Team

Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00 09:00 – 20:00

Saturday 09:00 – 13:00 09:00 – 20:00

Sunday & Public Holidays Close    Close

6. Car park fee

Any parking fee incurred during loading/unloading at customer’s car park or premises will be charged to the customer.

7. Booking of delivery order

(a)      You are required to make an appointment for delivery during service hours of our Customer Service Team by 12:00 noon the working days before delivery

and it is subject to the availability of our Logistic Team.

(b)        Please ensure that you or an authorised person is present at the registered address on the date of delivery.

8. Reschedule or Cancellation of delivery order

(a)        After 12:00 noon the working day before delivery – administrative fee of HK$100 per order will be charged.

9. Waiting time during delivery

(a)      The maximum waiting time is 15 minutes for any delivery trips. We reserve the right to reschedule for another delivery trip and will charge you the basic

delivery fee.

(b)        If you wish to request to extend the waiting time, for every 15 minutes the fee is HK$50.

10.  No show fee

If fail to show up on the date of delivery, a no show fee of HK$200 will be charged.

11. Delivery order on Sunday or Public Holidays

Additional delivery charge of HK$400 per order during Sundays or Public Holidays.

12.  Urgent delivery order

Request to be finished within the same day – basic delivery charge plus HK$400 per order.

13.  For buildings without lifts or for items that can only access through staircases, there will be additional delivery charge as set out below:

(a)        HK$10 per level, per empty box (Standard Box/Document Box/Garment on Hanger).

(b)        HK$25 per level, per box/case/item under 23kg.

(c)        HK$50 per level, per box/case/item above 23kg but not exceeding 25kg.

(d)        HK$100 per level, per irregular size item or larger type of furniture.

Notes: Free of charge if there were less than 5 steps of stairs before reaching the lift. 6th to15th steps of stairs will be defined as the first level.

Subsequent stair flight within 15 steps will be counted as one level and 16th to 30th steps will be considered as second level.

14.  Provision of Storage Boxes

(a)        Cardboard Document Box is not free and can be purchased at HK$15 each.

(b)        Cardboard Garment on Hanger is not free and can be purchased at HK$45each.

(c)        Plastic Standard Box is provided free of charge and is required to return to us at the end of the contract undamaged.

15.  Inner plastic packing bag

Our company will provide one inner plastic bag/Standard Box free of charge for packing the items inside the bag then loading into the Standard Box.

Additional inner plastic bag can also be purchased at HK$10 each.

16.  Change of registered address

In the event that you have changed your registered address, all your items will be delivered to your new registered address onwards from the date of your update.

There will be an administration fee of HK$100 in relation to change of your registered address.

17.  Provision of packing material

Packing material can be purchased and delivered to registered address together with the empty boxes.

The following are the available packing material and their prices:

(a)        Packing tape 2” width @ HK$10 per roll of 40yd.

(b)        Bubble wrap 40” width @ HK$120 per roll of 150ft.

(c)        Bubble wrap 20” width @ HK$70 per roll of 150ft.

(d)        Inner plastic packing bag @HK$10 per bag.

(e)        Scissors @ HK$10 each.

(f)         Cutter @ HK$10 each.

18.  Over weight surcharge

(a)        Normally the weight limited as per below:

(i)          Document Box, max 15kg and is not accepted any overweight

(ii)        Standard Box, max 23kg

(iii)       Travel Case, max 23kg

(iv)       Golf Bag, max 23kg

(v)        Garment on Hanger, max 12kg

(vi)       Irregular Size Item, max 25kg

(b)       If exceeding the limited weight then charges as per following:

(i)          Maximum 2 kg at HK$10 per Kg per month except Document Box

19.  Photo taking of stored items (Large Item only)

(a)        FREE for all large items – photos will be taken upon receiving at our store.

(b)        If request after large item has been stored, a fee will be charged at HK$50 per item.

20.  Loss or damage our storage equipment

Compensation as per following:

(a)        Standard Box – HK$200 per box.

21.  Items not accepted by our company

Other than all this listed below our company reserved the right to determine to accept or not:

(a)        Items that we do not accept:

(i)      Any food items including dry sea food;

(ii)        Counterfeit goods or stolen items or goods;

(iii)       Dangerous or illegal goods or items prohibited under the laws and regulations in Hong Kong applicable laws;

(iv)       Food or ingredients for cooking including but not limited to flour, cooking oil, honey, sugar, etc.;

(v)        Personal document such as identity card, passport, driver’s licence, credit card, etc.;

(vi)       Piano and rosewood furniture;

(vii)      Valuable items such as bank notes, diamond, gold, jewels, antiques, etc.;

(b)        List of flammable items include but not limited to:

(i) Any kinds of sprays including but not limited to hair mousse, sunscreen spray, hair spray;

(ii)          Adhesives;

(iii)      Antifreeze;

(iv)       Beverages containing 70% or more alcohol by volume;

(v)        Body washes containing alcohol;

(vi)        Brake, transmission and windshield washer fluids;

(vii)      Camping gas, glazing torches and other harmful gases;

(viii)     Carpet cleaners;

(ix)        Certain cleaners containing pine oil;

(x)          Cooking oil;

(xi)        Dry-cleaning spotters and solvents for home use;

(xii)     Engine additives;

(xiii)    Flammable gases (e.g. butane gas);

(xiv)     Flammable liquids (e.g. gasoline, lighter fluid and diesel);

(xv)      Flammable solids (e.g. non-safety matches, disposable BBQ gas and coal);

(xvi)   Flour;

(xvii)    Hair mousse;

(xviii) Hair sprays and other hair products containing alcohol;

(xix)    Lighter fluid;

(xx)       Lighters;

(xxi)     Liquid correction fluids;

(xxii)   Liquid, gas or solid with flammable nature;

(xxiii)  Matches, charcoal, phosphorus and articles which are easily ignited;

(xxiv)   Oil-based paint;

(xxv)   Paints, thinner and liquid adhesives;

(xxvi)  Perfume;

(xxvii) Powder (powdered milk);

(xxviii) Products containing alcoholic but not limited to perfumes

(xxix)   Some pesticides;

(xxx)   Spray (hair spray, sunscreen spray);

(xxxi)  Spray lubricants;

(xxxii) Varnish.

(c)        Other prohibited goods include but are not limited to:

(i)        Any items that, in our determination, danger the safety and health of people of in our facility and the environment;

(ii)         Chemicals, drugs, hazardous or toxic materials of any kind;

(iii)      Food or perishable goods of any kind;

(iv)        Flammables,firearms, weapons or explosives of any kind;

(v)        Illegal drugs, counterfeit goods, stolen property or illegal items of any kind;

(vi)      Items which emit any kind of odor or fumes;

(vii)      Liquids or compressed gases;

(viii)     Personal property that would result in the violation of any law or regulation of any governmental authority;

(ix)       Plants or creatures, whether alive or dead.

22.  Order

We only accept the booking per order, means each order cannot combine with other order into one single order. All charges also charge per order as per our

charges list. Our company would not accept combining orders even or no matter all those orders placed from the same client/account on the same day or few

days into one single order to pay.

23.  Cancel storage order

The following administrative fee will be applied:

(a)        Cancel storage order before delivery of empty box to registered address – HK$200

(b)      Cancel storage order after delivery of empty box to registered address – HK$200 administrative fee + delivery and pick-up charges.

24.  Late payment penalty

Monthly invoice by interest 10%.

25.  Refuse to pay

10% surcharge for the first three months. Our company reserves the right to sell off or to auction the said items; also our company reserve the legal right to

claim back all involved charges.